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Summer shipment on the way!

We have spent the last while in Italy meeting with new producers and working together with them to choose additional products to add to the Olive Oil Merchant portfolio. And we are happy to report that new products are on the way!

Leaving today from Italy, the product will travel via climate controlled container from the port of Livorno through the Panama Canal and up to Vancouver. The container is climate controlled so the oil will not be exposed to extreme temperatures en route. This is important because all of our oils are high quality, artisan products and we must ensure they arrive in Canada the same way they left Italy – at their best!

The new products that will be available mid-July include the following:

Librandi Organic from Calabria – awarded the prize as Best EVOO from Organic Farming and given a ranking of 97/100 by Flos Olei 2010*. We are very pleased to introduce this product for the first time in Canada. Available in limited quantities in both 500 and 750ml bottles. An robust intensity Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

De Carlo from Puglia – family run for over 300 years, De Carlo Tenuta Arcamone Organic EVOO is our newest addition from Puglia. Extremely well ranked at 94/100*, you can taste the passion and soul that is put into their products. Medium Intensity, Organic. Also from De Carlo we have their grilled artichokes marinated in organic EVOO – absolutely divine!

Ranchino from Umbria – two new delicate intensity oils from Umbria: San Patrizio, 750ml and Canale 53, 500ml. From their small grove in Orvieto, Ranchino oils are consistently extraordinary. Ranked 90/100*.

La Torretta from Campania – two new products from this small but exceptional co-operative: Torretta Diesis DOP 500ml and the Extra Virgin Torretta 1L, both considered medium intensity oils. This year La Torretta was ranked 96/100 by Flos Olei 2010*.

Vantera from Campania – part of our portfolio since the launch we are now adding the 3L tin size of this very popular EVOO.

Volpaia from Tuscany – a selection of wine vinegars from Chianti: Red Wine 500ml, Infused Herbs 250ml and Infused Spices 250ml

If you have any questions about these or any of our other products, as always please feel free to contact us at

All the best,

*Flos Olei 2010 – guide to the world s best extra virgin olive oils. Editor: Marco Oreggia.

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  1. Art Grant #

    Hello, I live here in Kelowna and have read the articles in the newspapers and looked on your website before. I’m wanting to know about your new shipments of the Librandi Organic from Calabria and the La Torretta from Campania. I have a couple of enquires:

    1) will these be good using on salads, vegetables, sauteeing and dipping? Or I guess what the best uses for each product is, and;
    2) when will they be available, what sizes and prices, also;
    3) can I pick them up or do they have yo be “shipped”, and lastly;
    4) do you have the capabilities for sampling of product.

    July 10, 2010
    • Hi Art,

      Let’s see if I can answer your questions:

      1) In a lot of the product descriptions on our site you will find food pairing suggestions. But the general, the rule is that you don’t want the oil to compete with the dish. So robust oils are what you would use to dress grilled meats or other strongly flavoured foods. They pack the most punch. Robust oils are often peppery and spicy, you feel a little tickle on the back of your throat if you are tasting it straight up! They are also nice as a dipping oil with bread as an appy. Delicate oils are sometimes described as sweet or buttery. Its what you would use on salads, fish dishes (like halibut) or grilled veggies. Medium oils can “swing both ways”… BUT… like wine, the most important rule is “what YOU like is the most important thing”. Librandi is considered a Robust oil and Torretta a medium oil.

      2) these two products in particular will be available by the end of July. Librandi is available in 500ml and 750ml, Torretta DOP in 500ml and Torretto EVOO in 1L. As soon as they arrive I will post a note to you.

      3) For Kelowna residents we can organize a personal home delivery

      4) At the moment we don’t have a fixed location for sampling. Often we participate in events where sampling takes place. If you sign up for our newsletter, we’ll be sure to let you know when the next scheduled sampling events are.

      Thanks for your questions!

      July 13, 2010
  2. Hi Art,

    Just to let you know… the two products you were asking about are available now:


    September 23, 2010

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