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Is it or isn’t it? How Virgin is your Extra Virgin?

You may have heard in the media of late some controversy surrounding the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – or in other words how virgin really is your Extra Virgin? The take away message to consumers from all of the scandal and articles has been: know your merchant and know how your Extra Virgin has been stored.

While the trip from Italy to Canada may seem long – the route that the Olive Oil Merchant products take from farm to end user is the shortest one possible. It is important that you know:

  • We purchase all our EVOO directly from the farmers – there is no middleman. This guarantees both the quality of product (i.e. what the label says IS actually what it is inside the bottle) and the storage conditions.
  • All of the products were packaged with care on the same location where the olives were grown and where the oil was pressed, and then sent directly to Canada within a temperature controlled container. This is especially important during the summer because EVOO begins to break down at temperatures above 22 degrees C.
  • Our product is then stored in a temperature controlled warehouse and shipped directly to your door.
  • You will also note that ALL of our EVOO comes in dark glass or tin containers. Like with any other fresh fruit juice, light is the enemy of Extra Virgin Olive Oil and it must be kept in a dark cool location to ensure freshness.
  • ALL of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils come with a best before date which is 18 months after bottling.
  • We ONLY sell EVOO from the current year’s harvest.

To brush up on your Olive Oil terminology please check one of our recent blog posts here.

As always, if you have any questions, we are happy to hear from you.



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