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Mediterranean Monday: BBQ Season

Every Sunday afternoon, for the past number of weeks, my neighbour has been torturing me with the most amazing and delicious barbeque smells coming from over the fence. I haven’t seen an invite to join in yet but if I don’t get one soon, I may just have to crash his next Sunday lunch. So, in honour of the BBQ season that is now upon us, today’s Mediterranean Monday recipe is the easiest one of all: STEAK Tuscan-style.

Often when I am asked about olive oil and food pairing, when it comes to robust oils people are surprised that I suggest using it as a dressing on grilled meats. In fact, despite grilled meats being a large part of the summer style of eating in Italy, sauces and marinades are basically non-existent in the Italian barbeque world.

The most famous cut of meat in Italy is the Fiorentina from Tuscany. With its enormous size, 4cm tall and often weighing over 1kg, I won’t try to ask you to replicate it. However, the way the steak is dressed can be applied to all cuts of meat.

The Rules:

  • Do not dress or salt the steak before grilling. Salt dries out the meat by drawing out the juices.
  • Do not cut (or poke) the meat before bringing it to the table.
  • Once the steak is on the dish, salt it to taste and dress with a large C shaped gush of Robust Extra Virgin.
  • While some people like a squeeze of lemon as well, it is advised to avoid it. Lemon is known as a way to disguise meat that is “less-than” fresh. Don’t leave your guests wondering…
  • Always buy your meats from a reputable butcher that sells local, organic and sustainable products.

While many robust oils are delicious on grilled meats, the top of the top is Frantoio Franci’s Villa Magra Gran Cru. This oil will transport you to the hills of Tuscany…


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