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Kids and Olive Oil

The health benefits of olive oil are well documented. Artisan Extra Virgin is chock full of anti-oxidants which are key to strengthening the immune system and protecting the body from the damaging effects of free-radical
molecules. EVOO is low in saturated fats and has no cholesterol. And among other things, it plays a part in reducing rates or risk of some types of cancer. These benefits are not exclusively for the adult population but of course also for children. And the best way to ensure your kids enjoy the benefits of olive oil is to start them when they are young.

My girls don’t know a life without olive oil. When we visit olive mills during the harvest, they are first in line to sample the new harvest products – straight from a glass! Their favourite after-school snack is bread and EVOO for dipping. But it is not just our children who are like that. In Italy, when new mothers are given instructions on how to prepare homemade baby food for the weaning babies, pediatricians always recommend adding a heaping spoon of extra virgin to the dish.

A good way to introduce your kids to the joys of EVOO is with a delicate or medium intensity oil, nothing too overpowering or robust. And please make sure it is fresh, because there is nothing like the taste of rancid oil to turn someone off for life. Our friends at Frantoio Franci have recently started producing an organic oil that with its fresh aroma and balanced soft taste is the perfect oil for children. And it is pretty tasty for Mom and Dad too. Check it out here.


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  1. When my three nieces and nephews came to stay with me in Italy for a while I had no idea what EVOO monsters I was creating! This year when I asked what the young man (of 10 years) wanted for Christmas….a good bottle of EVOO. Every summer when I go home I have to have a bottle of oil for them which they immediately dip into.

    November 30, 2011

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