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The Real “Olio Novello” of Italy

It is harvest time in the northern hemisphere. What that means is in Italy from north to south, the picking and pressing has started. For us in Canada and the US, for the most part, it means waiting another few months for the product to make its way to our shores.

Not being a very patient crew, this year the anticipation was too much so we called our friends at Frantoio Franci in Tuscany and begged, pleaded and groveled. The result was better than we could have dreamed. Oil Master, Giorgio Franci, has created a special oil available for purchase only through the months of November and December called ‘2012’ and we at The Olive Oil Merchant have been able to secure 12 cases of this ‘olio novello’. The product is available for pre-order starting today through our webstore or through Zara’s Deli on Granville Island in Vancouver. Delivery will be well in time for the holidays.

The oil was harvested during the first week of November, pressed and bottled without filtration and is currently on route to us. There is no fresher oil available in North America and as such would make a fantastic and original gift for your favourite foodie, hostess, client…  or yourself!

By the way, just so there is no confusion, olio novello is like Beaujolais Nouveau, isn’t ‘novello’ forever… just a couple of months.

Here are some more details about the oil and the producer.

2012 by Frantoio Franci
Cultivar: 100% Olivastra Seggianese
Intensity: Medium Fruitiness
Production Area: the hills of Montenero d’Orcia, Montegiovi, Seggiano, Tuscany
Altitude: 400-700 m above sea level
Harvesting system: handpicked
Appearance: non filtered
Colour: green with yellow reflections
Aromas: fruity and intensely olive, fresh and delicate as is characteristic of Olivastra Seggianese, pungent vegetable notes, with artichoke and chicory
Flavour: delicate, round with equal herb and fruit notes, starts sweet with a medium peppery finish
Food pairing: ideal as a dressing oil for fish, richly flavoured salads, radicchio, bruschetta, tomatoes, and fennel.

About Frantoio Franci
Founded in 1958 by brothers Franco and Fernando, Frantoio Franci is set in Montenero D’Orcia a small hilltop town on the slopes of the Amiata Mountains, overlooking the splendid valley of the River Orcia.

Today, Frantoio Franci is the only company in the world to have won the Leone d’Oro prize 3 times, awarded by the Maestri Oleari, the most important and prestigious international olive oil competition, and the Ercole Olivario prize 5 times; the two top awards in the olive oil field.

Guide ‘Oli d’Italia’ Edited by Gambero Rosso : Top Mark, ‘3 Foglie’ Award, 2011

‘Monocultivaroliveoil.EXPO’ International Competition
‘Best of the World  2010’ monocultivar Frantoio
‘Gold 2010’ monocultivar Olivastra Seggianese
‘Best of the World  2011’ monocultivar Frantoio
‘Gold 2011’ monocultivar Olivastra Seggianese
‘Innovator of the Year’ – Frantoio Franci – Tuscany – Italy

International Guide to the World Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils L’Extravergine and Flos Olei
Best Extra Virgin Olive Oil of the Year: 2002 and 2005
Best Producer of the Year:  2003. 2008 and 2010
Best Extraction Method: 2009
Best Blended Extra Virgin – Intense Fruity:  2011

The Guide to Extra Virgin Oils edited by Slow-Food
Top Mark, 3 Olives Award: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 (2 labels), 2009 (2 labels), 2010 (2 labels)
Special Continuous Quality Award ‘Ghirlanda d’Olivo’: 10 times 3 Olives Award

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