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Butter vs. EVOO: the final battle

Facts first.

Butter. [Creamy, sweet, delicate, wonderful butter]
According to USDA figures, one tablespoon of butter (14 grams) contains 100 kcal (all from fat) 11 grams of fat, of which 7 grams are saturated fat, and 31 mg of cholesterol. Butter is 63% saturated fat (+ the cholesterol) and for this reason is considered by some to be a contributor to health problems, especially heart disease. Read more

Tuscany comes to Vancouver

Here is the rule about Tuscany: if you have never been, you dream about going and if you have been, you dream about returning. Once is never enough. A bit like chips, or peanuts… but harder on your credit card. Read more

A Love of Olive Oil

We love olive oil,  extra virgin olive oil, to be precise. I guess that is pretty obvious. Nevertheless, we get super excited when others express THEIR love to the liquid gold as well. This video is from Edmonton, Alberta blogger Chris Falconer ( and video editor, Sarah Taylor. We love them too! Read more

The South of Italy Sweeps the Sol D’Oro

The Sol d’Oro, one of the top international competitions for high quality olive oil, released the results of their 9th annual tasting evaluations and declared Italian olive oil to be the best in the world – but more specifically the south of Italy.

The special jury of multinational judges was lead by Read more

Hockey. Doctors. EVOO.

Now we can add Extra Virgin Olive Oil to the list of Canadian exports to the US.

After many requests from our American cousins to the south, The Olive Oil Merchant is now open for shipping to the US.

A number of the unique and rare products that we have sourced for the Canadian market have previously not been available for order in the US Read more

I’m picking up good sensations…

This piece is a translation of an article written by Lorenzo di Grassura in CHEF magazine – an Italian publication.

The sensory characteristics of extra virgin olive oil can be divided into two large categories: pleasant sensations or positive attributes and unpleasant sensations or defects. Read more

The Olive Oil Academy Awards

Envelope please? And the winner is… (drum roll)

Yes, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has its own version of the Academy Awards (OMG, what will I wear?)  But, unlike most other competitions that look at a small selection of oils from a limited geographical area, Flos Olei Read more

Pick me! Pick me!

or: How To Choose a Good Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

This week at my local market I stood in front of the Olive Oil section for what seemed like hours. So many labels. So many terms. So many different price points. So so confusing. How can you be sure you are getting your money’s worth? And for that matter, how can you be sure Read more

Host Your Own EVOO Tasting

Wine Tasting Parties are so 2004…

Of course I am kidding. A little. But it is likely that you have been to dozens of Wine Tasting events and even more likely that you have never ever ever been to an Olive Oil Tasting Party. So, let this be the opportunity for you Read more

Is it or isn’t it? How Virgin is your Extra Virgin?

You may have heard in the media of late some controversy surrounding the world of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – or in other words how virgin really is your Extra Virgin? The take away message to consumers from all of the scandal and articles has been: Read more