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The World’s Best Extra Virgin Olive Oils

Like everything else, Extra Virgin Olive Oil has its own version of the Academy Awards.
(OMG, what will I wear?) Read more

The Real “Olio Novello” of Italy

It is harvest time in the northern hemisphere. What that means is in Italy from north to south, the picking and pressing has started. For us in Canada and the US, for the most part, it means waiting another few months for the product to make its way to our shores.

Not being a very patient crew, this year the anticipation was too much so we called our friends at Frantoio Franci in Tuscany and begged, pleaded and groveled. The result was better than we could have dreamed. Read more

February means…


it means love, it means romance and Valentine’s Day

it comes from the Latin word meaning purification

it means it’s almost spring

and this year it also means 29 days.

Read more

The Olive Oil Merchant Launches MyRewards

There has never been a better time to do your holiday shopping from the comfort of your own cozy armchair. Back in May of this year, we sneakily implemented the Olive Oil Merchant MyRewards program. What that means is, since then, with every purchase you have been earning points without even knowing it. Read more

Memories of Mom…

What kind of Mom do you have? Is she a June Cleaver type? a Martha Stewart? When you were a kid, would she whip you up Julia Child style gourmet meals or was she more into Chef Boyardee? Even if she wasn’t a wiz in the cucina, we all have fond memories of Mom’s cooking from when we were growing up… Read more

Procrastinators UNITE!

12 more shopping days until Christmas. Oh have mercy on me!

If you are like me, you haven’t even started your gift shopping, have been avoiding malls at all cost and are just plain exhausted at the idea of trying to come up with a list of gifts that show just how much you care. You also could be violent with the next person who Read more

For all the foodies on your list…

If you read our blog the chances are pretty good that you love food and chances are equally good that you have a lot of people on your holiday gift list who love food just as much. Read more

2010 FIFA World Cup

Like all Canadians of Italian heritage, not only do we have Olive Oil coursing through our veins but also The Beautiful Game aka Football aka Calcio aka Soccer! And nothing brings us closer together than the WORLD CUP! Read more