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I’m picking up good sensations…

This piece is a translation of an article written by Lorenzo di Grassura in CHEF magazine – an Italian publication.

The sensory characteristics of extra virgin olive oil can be divided into two large categories: pleasant sensations or positive attributes and unpleasant sensations or defects. Read more

The ABCs of EVOO

Are you confused by Olive Oil labels and all their marketing jargon? Do terms like extra, acidity, filtered, unfiltered, DOP, cold pressed and first pressed leave your head spinning? Do you stand in front of the Olive Oil section in the market for what seems like hours and not know where to start? Read more

Olive Oil for Baking?

Everyone knows that Extra Virgin Olive Oil is one of the central elements in the Mediterranean diet. Used to dress salads, soups, pastas, grilled meat, saute and grill veggies, the base of most sauces… the list goes on and on. But few know EVOO also has a role in Italy and other mediterranean countries as a baking staple. Yes, I said baking!  Read more

Parma Ham is from Parma

It was one morning not long after I had first moved to Italy: on my way to work, I grabbed my morning paper, took my seat on the metro, sat down ready to read and block out the rest of my co-commuters. The headline caught my eye “ Scandal: Canadian Company Claims to Produce Parma Ham”. I giggled all the way to work. Read more